Wave Play

Download (9.7mb) 128 kbps mp3

I made Wave Play as a companion piece to Wave Power. It is a gentle celebration of sound waves specifically, and in pure forms. The piece is constructed using 4 definite and distinct wave forms:

Sine wave :Triangular wave :
sine wave triangular wave
Saw wave :Pulse wave :
saw wave pulse wave

Wave Play has a ten minutes’ duration and is a free-form interweaving of the wave forms, using synthetic oscillators, built by Daz Disley.

download : Wave Play by Amie Slavin

The wave forms move in a glissando motion, varying in pitch, volume and pan-position. They are mixed with the two channels moving independently of each other, with the relative pitches of the channels moving in and out of tune. The only additional effect is a delay, applied gradually to the sine and triangular waves. The affect is intended to be an absorbing wash of sound, building gently from a minimal beginning to a busy climax.

My vision for Wave Play is of small waves, gently lapping at the margin of a beach, shifting and rippling the soft sand and bouncing lazily onto the shore. It is intended to bring to mind the simultanious gentleness and massive latent power of waves, as they touch on our lives. It might depict the tide coming in, or the wake of a toy boat in a rockpool.

Wave Play was made for consecutive playback with Wave Power. The two pieces explore and celebrate waves and wave forms in different ways, and from different perspectives. I have combined the pieces into an hour-long playback as follows:

Wave Power – 25 minutes 5 seconds
Wave Play (following immediately) – 10 minutes
Wave Power (repeat play with the stereo pan flipped, reversing the positions of the channels) – 25 minutes, 5 seconds