Amie Slavin, Sound Artist

If A picture can paint a thousand words then A SOUND CAN TRIGGER A MILLION MIND IMAGES.

My aim, in producing sound-centred work, is to stimulate an absorption in and appreciation of the many and various ways in which sound can be used to represent and illuminate ideas, issues and voices. I hope to make my audience laugh, cry and think, through their ears (so to speak!).

My creative practice has arisen out of the various professional strands of my working life so far. Everything from Marketing Consultancy to Reiki healing. In particular, my work as a therapist, using several different modalities, has given me a strong sense of the intrinsic value inherent in the voices, stories and experiences of "ordinary" people.

I love the challenge of seeking and finding the extraordinary within the commonplace. My creativity is enhanced by my life experience as a professional woman with a severe disability, and as a mother. These elements have infused my work with a desire to give a voice to the voiceless and to encourage my audience to explore different emotional perrspectives.

I am interested in the qualities in each one of us which make us unique, and I am also (essentially) interested in the commonality of human being which gifts us with the potential to find points of unity, connection and empathy, even when we reach to each other across vast chasms of difference.

Having spent a lot of time supporting other peoplesí creative endeavour, I now thoroughly relish every opportunity to create original and innovative sound work, enlivening ideas and issues in such a way that the listener is infected with the intellectual, and especially the emotional, essence of the issue. This might also be expressed as pprompting empathy in the listener, so that they step out of their own experience and into the small worlds of my pieces, for just a few minutes.

My work includes a range of approaches, combined by means of digital processing, used in varying combinations. At its root, my methodology is to make use of an audio palate consisting of human and other voices, found and designed sounds, both tuned and untuned, to weave a semi-abstract whole.

I am not a musician, and neither do I have an academic artistic training. I am a thinker, speaker, writer, empath, fun-lover, song-writer, very amateur vocalist and all-round softy with a few sharp edges.

I have a BA Honours Degree, a well-tuned ear, an ability to process complex audio arrangements, and just enough arrogance to believe this qualifies me to make my stand, as a publicly practicing Sound Artist.