Other Ranks - Overview

Other Ramblings - Some additional pieces of writing related to the making and showing of ‘Other Ranks’.

Here is a brief summary of what the installation will look like:

In a rough circle of 3 - 4 metres diameter, sixteen speakers will be arranged in pairs, so that within the space there will be lots of different opportunities to listen in stereo, to give the sense of being really present with the people speaking or making the sounds playing.

The sound will be a layered weave of location recordings, featuring the British Army marching, doing drill, tackling an assault course, containing urban warfare and handling weapons.

Overlaid on these sounds will be individual voices; some speaking poetry or published prose; others recounting their own experiences of Army life and of warfare.

Within the circle of speakers the flooring will be vinyl, completely covered in pictures pasted down, to create a highly visual sense of a vast number of people underfoot.

The showing area will be blacked-out, the edge of the installation being marked out with battery lanterns, or other small lights, at floor level.

Empty boots will indicate the exterior shape of the installation to further emphasize the sense of huge numbers of people, present in our thoughts, but absent from our lives.

This installation will show at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, during November 2012, scheduled to be part of the Armouries’ Remembrance Month Celebrations.

After its initial showing at Royal Armouries, the plan is to show it elsewhere, both in arts venues and in support of military charities who help War Veterans.

If you would like ‘Other Ranks’ as part of any event you are planning, after November 2012, then please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

The work is in development and I am seeking current and former serving members of the British Army, to participate in the project, by consenting to talk to me on tape, about their experiences. If you are such a person then please click here

Supported by Arts Council England and The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds.